Can Convalescent Plasma Therapy kill Corona virus? What is plasma Therapy? Explained


COVID-19 has created a sense of panic globally medicals all over the world are searching for the vaccine. Hey, friends today we will know all about plasma therapy, which you may have heard in the news or social media.
convalescent plasma is being investigated for the treatment of COVID-19. there are some studies according to which it might help some patients to recover from the disease. So you are going to know about what is convalescent plasma therapy, its benefits, limitations, and much more.

What is convalescent plasma?
convalescent is a term referred to as a person who has recently recovered from illness, and plasma is a yellowish liquid component of blood, which is 55% of body total blood volume.

It contains some compounds and antibodies which play an important part in immunity it also contains fibrillation which is responsible for blood clotting.
 when a body is attacked by a pathogen our immune system produces proteins called as antibodies to fight the infection.
 if the body produces a sufficient amount of antibodies then a person can recover easily from that disease caused by a pathogen. The idea behind conversion and plasma is that such immunity can be transferred from a healthy person to a sick patient using blood plasma. so in this therapy, the blood from a recovered person is used to treat another sick patient.
 this method has been used in the past to treat diseases like the 1918 flu epidemic.
Hindi is context convalescent plasma can be are a promising treatment option for COVID 19.

Based on the studies and clinical trials v FDA has approved the emergency use of investigational code 19 convalescent plasma to treat severely ill patients.

Limitations to the use of convalescent Plasma

Scientific evidence is insufficient due to the lack of large scale clinical trials.
The number of antibodies administered to each patient was not standardized.

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