Best realistic Text to speech software

Hey this is chris with fit society comm
And today I'm excited to do a review for
You on a product called synthesis I have
Done a lot of reviews on products that
Are text-to-speech and a lot of them
Have been very good most of them uses

Either google wave or amazon pali to

Create variations of voices but all in

All you can tell the difference between

A real human and an automated voice

Until synthesis so this tool here I'm

Going to take you inside and give you a

Full demo to show you how it works I've

Done several examples and will let you

Listen to them so you can hear exactly

How they sound for a lot of these voice

Artists directly below this video you're

Gonna find a link it'll take you to my

Website and I'm gonna have full details

About this product on my website along

With this review video and you can also

Find out about the pricing the upsells

That one-time offers the prices of those

And also some bonuses you can pick up if

You decide to buy synthesis through my

Website ok so here we are inside the

Dashboard it's super easy to use really

The only thing you have to do is come up

Here to the top and choose the voice

Artist you want all depending on the

Upsell you get you may or may not have

As many voice artists which all those

Details will be on my website so down

Here is your text box this is where

You're going to type or paste your

Script you are not allowed to use

Numbers or special characters if you

Want to use a number you have to spell

The number out so instead of the number

One you just spell out o and e and it

Would read the numbers so what I've done

Here is I've done several examples using

Some of these voice artists and I want

To let you guys listen to them so you

Can hear how realistic they are because

They are real people and so because

These are actually real people that's

Been used to create and and create this

Huge database of words that they put

Together and talk as however you write

Your script it costs more than a simple

Tool does that just uses google wave or

Amazon pali because these are real

People who've invested in this and so

They have to pay them for their for this

A credits based system you have to buy

Credits to use this now for mine you can

See I've used up close to fifteen

Hundred out of five thousand but you can

Buy more credits and the credits are

Based upon how many words are used which

You can see down here or characters and

Depending on your the upsells you pickup

You may be able to get these a lot

Cheaper but you can see you can buy

These in bulk get fifty thousand

Characters for ninety seven dollars or a

Hundred thousand or even two hundred

Fifty thousand characters so if you're

An agency or something like that and you

Plan on selling the service this may be

A great way for you to pick up some of

These early during the launch when you

Get the discounted pricing and you can

Have this for a very long time to do a

Lot of projects okay so down here what

We're going to do I've already pasted in

A script on some of these and it's based

On a little red riding hood story and

I've used a lot of these voice artists

And I want to play them so you guys can

Hear each one of them to what they sound

Like now all you have to do is click

Which one of these voice artists you

Want to use and each one of them already

Comes with a demo so down here you'll

See where it says demo and you can play

It you now listen to a small sample of

My voice and you can hear what they

Sound like before you put your scrip in

Here and you use your credits to

Creative and so if you just hold down

Your mouse and you can drag and you can

See all these voice artists you have and

If you buy the upsell you even get more

Voice artists so I'm kind of very

Interested in maybe purchasing the

Upsells too so I can get those because

This is going to be huge for me in my

Video marketing business especially with

People who want certain characters

Reading certain voices so let's go ahead

And listen to some of these that I

Created basically all I'd done was I

Pasted my text down here in this box I

Click create and it created each one of

These so let's go ahead and listen to

This first one once upon a time there

Was a little girl who lived in a village

Near the forest whenever she went out

The little girl wore a red riding cloak

Okay so that's the first one let's look

At I listened to mary s

Once upon a time there was a little girl

Who lived in a village near the forest

Whenever she went out the little girl

Wore a red riding cloak okay this is

Edmund once upon a time there was a

Little girl who lived in a village near

The forest whenever she went out the

Little girl wore a red riding cloak okay

Now this one here I was a little bit

Disappointed in this one because I

Really like this deep voice that this

Character has here and it says it's

Perfect for storytelling but it for me

It wasn't very good so let's go ahead

And listen to it once upon a time there

Was a little girl who lived in a village

Near the forest whenever she went out

The little girl wore a red riding cloak

So it was kind of more a monotone so

This may not be as good for storytelling

As what you think now this one here this

One's probably one of my favorites here

She does really good and really

Emphasizes words once upon a time there

Was a little girl who lived in a village

Near the forest whenever she went out

The little girl wore a red riding cloak

So everyone in the village called her lu

Okay so this one this is definitely

Probably one of my favorites and then we

Got two more here or listen to those

Once upon a time there was a little girl

Who lived in a village near the forest

Whenever she went out the little girl

Wore a red riding cloak and for dan once

Upon a time there was a little girl who

Lived in a village near the forest

Whenever she went out the little girl

Wore a red riding cloak so everyone in

The village called her little red riding

So these are the initial characters I

Believe you're going to get on the front

End purchase of synthesis they are all

Amazing and especially depending on what

You're going to be using them for they

May or may not sound quite as good so

For example this one here it says she's

Perfect for a sales page well she sounds

Really good for telling a story because

She really emphasizes and I'm sure it'd

Be good for a sales page too whereas

This one here says it's good for

Storytelling it seemed more monotone for

The story that I wanted to tell so it's

Just something that you're gonna have to

Listen to each one of them because if

You click on this guy here with a deep

Sound and if you do the demo it sounds

Really good let's listen to it

You now listen to a small sample of my

Voice if you choose me I'll do my best

To fulfill your needs with my voice

Talent you now listen to a sneak in here

Depending on what you're using it for it

May or may not work for whatever you're

Trying to create okay so this is

Synthesis and up here at the top the

Voiceover editor basically what this

Allows you to do is to merge multiple

Files I didn't do anything with this I

Wasn't quite for sure exactly how it

Worked I know if you create multiple

Files you can put them together to

Create one file so if you have multiple

Scripts here done by the same artist or

Even different artists you can merge

Them all into one which is pretty unique

Because there's a lot of different

Things you can do with that and then

Like I said the video editor I don't

Know a whole lot about that yet there's

Not much about that and the trainings

Not available yet either because it's

Not ready to come out for at least

Another week but I'm just giving you

Guys a heads up over this tool so you

Can get everything ready if it's

Something you want to purchase maybe you

Can save up for it I don't know but for

Me this is a great tool to have for my

Video marketing campaigns especially for

Things that I do for mass videos or for

Things for my clients where I don't want

To use my own voice but yet I want it to

Sound real and so what I can do is I can

Even combine this these voices and

Scripts with the videos that I create

Using bid nami now if you're not

Familiar with what vit nami is it's an

Amazing video creator tool I'll put a

Link below this video where you can go

There and check it out too and even get

A free trial to test it and there'll be

A discount on that page too that you can

Pick up if you decide to use that but

This is synthesis I hope you guys

Enjoyed this review so be sure though to

Check it out on my website because as of

Right now I should have all the prices

And everything listed on the website but

That may change over time if it doesn't

Want to update it on my sites you guys

Know exactly what you're gonna be paying

For before you get it along with the

Upsells and the extra credits you can

Get for it and don't forget about the

Bonuses you can pick up if you happen to

Buy synthesis through my website so I

Hope you guys enjoy this review if you

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