Fiverr tips and tricks to get your first sale on Fiverr

so as a brand new seller how do you get

your first order on Fiverr let's find it

In this channel is all about

helping you get the most out of your

Fiverr experience so if you're a buyer

or seller or someone who's just starting

to freelance consider sharing so as a

new seller one of the biggest obstacles

is getting that first sale.
you know you sign up on Fiverr and you

create a gig and it gets published and

you wait and wait and wait and you know

sometimes after a while you still

haven't gotten that for sale and the

truth is there could be lots of

different factors as to why buyers

haven't purchased your gig and some of

that could be the category that you're

in and how many other sellers that

you're competing against so I wanted to

give you my five tips on how to optimize

your gig to get that first sale , but

before we get started if you're a long

time seller on Fiverr let us know how

long it took you to get your first sale

you know there's this myth that if you

just put up a gig it will immediately

sell so by sharing your story in the

comments below you're helping other.
people who might be in that same boat

you are in so tip number one maximize

your gig description so when it comes to

creating a gig lots of new sellers

already know how to create a title and

select a category and publish a gig, but

when I look at a lot of new sellers gig

descriptions I can immediately see why

people aren't buying their gig and

that's because their descriptions are

well aren't descriptive I know sometimes

as a new seller you're eager to get a

gig up and selling so you rush through

the process of creating your first gig

and that could be where your downfall is

having a detailed gig description not

only helps your buyers understand what

you're offering but also provides more

text for search results and the text

that you put in your gig description

help you rank in search and as a new


 the best way to get in front of

eyes is to become discoverable via

search. so if you don't believe me do an

experiment go to Fiverr and search my

first name Wayne now I don't obviously

put my name in any of my gig titles but

my gig comes up in search because my

name is in the gig description the same

also happens to be true for this seller

whose name is also Wayne

so make sure you have a text rich

description that uses SEO keywords that

align with your offerings and along

those lines is tip number two maximize

the opportunities that fiber gives you

when creating your gig so fiber gives

you lots of opportunities to make your

gig much more detailed including things

like uploading samples and or PDFs for

potential buyers to click on but they

also offer a frequently asked questions

section and you'll want to use that to

further flesh out your gig description

and moreover now your fiber profile is

displayed directly on your gig page so

now it's more important than ever to

make sure that your profile is complete

because that's one of the best ways to

give potential buyers a detailed

description of your background so tip

number three create a compelling gig
video so it's no secret that gigs with

gig videos convert significantly higher

than those without and your gig video is

probably the first thing that any

potential buyer will click on why

because you can click on the thumbnail

of a gig with a gig video to play that

video directly within the search results
so if a buyer is searching for something

specific and your gig comes up and has

that clickable play button regardless of

the title or thumbnail image they are

definitely more inclined to click on

that and watch your video so your gig

video has to be on point because it's

potentially the first point of contact

with you and a buyer and if you really

want to take your gig video to the next

level try appearing on camera even if

you feel a little uncomfortable doing so

by appearing on camera your potential

buyer will see you and when it comes to

purchasing a gig it really boils down to

one person wanting to work with another

person I mean think about it we have

generally job interviews for that

specific reason right to meet people

face to face.

 so let me put it this way

if a buyer is deciding between you and

another gig and your descriptions and

everything are similar but you have a

gig video of which the buyer feels like

they know you that could be the one

factor that gets them to buy your gig

over the other so that leads to tip

number four and that is price or gig

accordingly so as a new seller it can be

really hard on a platform like Fiverr
that is so social proof based generally

established sellers with gigs with lots

of reviews get picked over new sellers

with no reviews so one of the ways that

you as a new seller can compete

against long-term sellers is with your

price point the reality is there are

buyers out there who are just looking to

save some money I mean that's why

they're on the fiber platform in the

first place right because they think

everything is five dollars which you and

I both know isn't true but under pricing

your gig initially can really help to

generate immediate sales especially if

you've already implemented tips one two

and three when you first start selling

on fiber earning money is not the most

important thing the most important thing

is getting reviews not only does that

help you level up your seller status but

it shows other potential buyers that

people have already purchased your gig


mean think about it this way when we go

onto Amazon and we look at products to

buy you're looking at products with the

highest and most reviews right and the

same can be said about gigs on Fiverr so

the way that you can stand out and

compete is to underprice against your

competitors but understand that as you

gain reviews and start growing your

business have a plan to scale up your

rates so you get paid for what you're

worth and lastly tip number five be

patient you know we live in a world of

instant gratification 

where we can

pretty much go out and get whatever we

want almost immediately and the same

thing is true about fiber right you can

set up a profile create a gig and put it

up for sale immediately but it doesn't

mean people will actually buy your gig

and it can take time for it to gain some

traction but by keeping track of your

gig analytics you'll be able to see how

many impressions and clicks your gig

actually gets and yes those can be low

numbers at the beginning but that's why

tips one through four are so important

because as a new seller you want to

maximize your conversion rate for each

impression you get so if you post a gig

and it's not fully complete and a

potential buyer clicks on it and sees

that you're immediately gonna get passed

over for someone else but if they see

that you've put in some work into

creating your gig that can get you on

their shortlist so early on you want to

do everything you can to maximize your

conversion rate for those impressions so

hopefully these five tips will help you

get your first sale on Fiverr if you've

got a tip of your own let us all know in

the comments below thanks so much for

watching and I'll see you next time

fiber friends

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